27 August 2009

Flowery cards

The monster seems to have gone on a long break. Not really tatting a lot right now. First of all I am trying to keep up with Sharon's design course on Yahoo and secondly because I don't have an idea what to do next. Thirdly becuase I am awaiting new threads coming from the UK, some of those awesome variegated Lizbeth threads that everyone seems to talk about these days and love using. Soon it will be my turn to try them out. :-)Some friends are having birthdays soon and in stead of just buying a card I wanted to make some myself. So I found some flowers in the Stawasz book and for the flower pot I used the bottom of a Christmas tree that I turned upside down, roflol. It was fun to do them but also a bit fiddly not twisting them and having to work with glue etc. But that is what friends are for I think.
I think the white and yellow ones reminds me of daisies, lol.
The mother of one of my friends have a big birthday in September, I hope she will enjoy the bookmark at the bottom that I am putting into one of these flowery cards.
See you.


Carol Schockling Lawecki said...

Lovely cards, I'm sure your friend will enjoy the card and the tatted bookmark. The card itself could be framed and put in a little easel stand.

Fox said...

Hi Dantatter! I love this idea! You got very fancy with your cards. They are lovely!

I just paste the motif - or today, the heart on my blog that you commented on - on a blank greeting card and write my message!

Either way - I love that tatting has a place in this medium.
Fox : )

Unknown said...

Hi Dantatter, I think handmade cards are very special as anyone can go out and purchase a card, making one shows that you really care. The bookmark is an excellent gift.

Bonnie said...

cute cards

Ladytats said...

very pretty cards they will be keepers for sure

Unknown said...

Those are very nice cards you've made for your friends. :)

Liyarra said...

The cards look fantastic. I am sure (Mum) Irene will love the bookmark.