13 July 2009

Wrong combination of colours and a new try almost

I have recieved many nice comments about my tatting and have been told that the colours I have chosen for my work looked very good. I do know that I like to combine various solids and variegateds - often combined with a solid white.
But I want to show you below, that I am not always lucky when I choose colours. Another Stawasz design and these two colours do not look good together. I did it a couple of weeks ago and I don't like them.
The thread is Cebelia size 30, the colours are a green combined with a greyish-green. I will do the pattern credit and do it again soon and choose some nicer colours.

As you can see to the right just above I have done a larger variation now and I like this one better. I had decided ahead that variegateds were going to play an important role together with solid white. I almost succeeded.
Thread is Altin Basak and diameter is 25 cm. It has taken me something like almost 2 weeks to do it because some of the rounds are very slow to do = a lot of stitches to do. I suppose it is good training before doing the huge monster doily, lol.