11 June 2009

My first pair of earrings

I know I said I was working on something bigger (and it is true, lol) yet the stuff I am showing off here is very small. I have done my first pair of earrings ever, lol.
I wanted to do a pair from that Russian site ( http://free-tatting.com/ ) but
it got so fiddly and therefore I failed. Either because the beads were too large or the thread was too thin - or maybe both.
Anyhow it turned out to be a mess so I ended up
doing these - I guess you could call them my design because I just did from my imagination. But they are so simple that someone must have done them earlier on and I apologize for not being able to give credit to someone then.
They are for a girl at work who goes on vacation next week and who has fallen in love with tatted jewellry after I showed her some of the stuff on the blogs I visit.When she returns I will have left that workplace for good unfortunately so it will be a goodbye-gift tomorrow.
I have never done earrings before partly because I do not use that stuff myself. But the circumstances taken into consideration I think they will do - don't you?
Tonight it is back to the big item I am working on, I can not wait to see it being done, lol.


LadyShuttleMaker aka MadMadPotter said...

Well done on your first pair of earrings. Do you have a link for that Russian site?

Fox said...

Good for you! They look great. I have yet to try out a pattern for earrings. I have them - just NO TIME!

I, too, would love the name of that link! Fox : )

Susanne said...

Here it is:

Susanne aka Dantatter

tattrldy said...

The earrings look good! Nice job.

Unknown said...

Nice work! :)

Liyarra said...

They look good Susanne. I am sure she will like them.

Summer said...

They look beautiful, Susanne. I tried the same earring pattern, and after three tries with broken threads and failed joins, I gave up too!