23 January 2009

Winter Crafting II

In my last posting I wrote that I had been lazy. It might not be the absolute truth - at least not for the Christmas holidays. The scar on the hand didn't like my usual gloves and a friend of mine suggested that I knitted some mittens!!! Hhhmmm, I wondered if that was an option.........
I started out knitting for only 15 minutes a day the first days and gradually I was able to increase the amount of time. So yes I was able to knit some mittens as it can be seen in the picture to the right.
Of course they are done on needles size 4 but they turned out fine and can keep my hands warm in the cold mornings when I am waiting for the bus.
I am not sure why knitting seems to be easier than tatting for the time being -actually I have not touched a shuttle for 2 weeks now, maybe I should try it out and see if has changed.
But I still have one more knitted item to show in my next message. Stay tuned - I think that is how you say it in English - LOL.


linb54 said...

Oh Susanne, they look nice and warm. I really like the colour yarn you used, very pretty.
Linda :O)

Tattycat said...

The mittens are very pretty in my favorite color! I hope they keep you nice and warm and you are back to tatting soon.

Unknown said...

Those look like some nice mittens. You've done a great job on them.
I look forward to you other things you've done. :)

AnneB said...

Flotte votter! Strikking krever litt andre bevegelser enn nupereller. Det kan være at hånden din liker strikkebevegelsene bedre enn nupperellebevegelsene. Men, all bevegelse er av det gode! God bedring for deg og hånden!