17 September 2008

What a treat

I have had a lovely surprise for my birthday, what an awesome treat I got. It's a reproduction of 2 old German tatting books with some lovely designs.
And like Tattingchic have done with her new books I will give you a small impression of some of the stuff that is in the book.

First a triangle but I think it can be turned into something else if you prefer that.

The next one is a square and as you can see there seems to be many designs with those onion rings in the book. But that is ok because I can manage those, at least I used to.

Here is another square, and what a beauty it is. More the traditional type of tatting that we know so well from the older books I believe, but those are in general the ones I am best at too - just rings and chains it seems.

There are aslo a coupe of butterflies, lots of edgings, some snowflakes and almost round doilies.
Below is one I did from the book.

Jenni and I have had another online tatting session and did this one, I was asked to choose a pattern and unfortunately I seem to have chosen perhaps the most fiddly design of them all. This have not been blocked yet but it is looking all right I think. Even though I got those front and back sides mixed up while I was tatting, lol.
The notation of the patterns is a bit strange at least till you find out how it works, and then of course it is written in German so it takes a little time to figure out the patterns. It was such a huge help that we were two that were able to assist each other. But I think it is worth it and I am sure this book will take up a lot of my time in the weeks and months to come.

Thank you very much Jenni and Maureen for having gifted me this treat, but I still think it was too much to do for me. "Tusind tak".


Lilla Blanka said...

Hej och tusen tack för titten i min blogg! Ja ser att jag har många danska besökare men känner bara till en enda blogg därifrån:)

Vilka fantastiska saker du gör, otroligt imponerande!


Unknown said...

OH WOW!!! You LUCKY freakin' duck! Yes, I just said "freaking"!!! LOL! That is one gorgeous book! Happy Birthday and I can now let you know that I was sworn to secrecy by your Aussie friend back in MAY!!! I love Tina Frauberger's designs and I can't wait to see more of what you tat from that book that I really want!!! Lucky, lucky you!!!

Maureen said...

Glad you liked the gift,Susanne! - hmmm...but if you were tatting from it during that late-night tat-party on msn, I have just worked out that you cheated!! - you opened it a few hours before the birthday! - lol.
Surprises are fun, for the people who have to keep their mouths shut, and for the person receiving it! I am getting very good at keeping secrets, aren't I?

Liyarra said...

No we did not cheat I can guarantee that - Susanne had the scan of the pattern from me earlier in the year - from the first "ancient" book Jamie got for me.

Glad you like the book Susanne - It was a pleasure to be able to give you this book that we love so much. Plus all the secrecy was a hoot as well. Thanks to Tatting Chic for being in on it too!!! Hope you had a wonderful day mate.

Susanne said...

Thank you to all of you.
My bday was ok and being gifted the book made my day - plus the chat at MSN of course. It will be treasured almost as much as the Lund book I inherited more than 12 years ago. :-D

Gina said...

I love the triangle and square!
:-) Gina

castats said...

Happy belated birthday!

Oooohh, those patterns look lovely... Inspires me to go looking for onion ring patterns...
My UFO box is full to overflowing, may have to wait a bit!
Happy birthday tatting!
Cas. =)