22 June 2008

Tatting for a little boy

Melissa mentioned those tatted fish would be great for something for a little boy and she is absolutely right, so I have better show here what I had in mind.
It is for a little baby boy to be born in October of this year. I have been allowed to contribute with some tatting for a quilt that is being made for him.
But those little 3 fish were not enough, so here is a picture of all the stuff I tatted for his quilt. Because it is for a boy it had to be done in blue, even though I have never seen a blue foal in the real world, lol.
The foal is from Inga Madsen's animal book, the heart can be found online, the lace is from those bookmarks I love to do and there's also one piece that I came up with.
Al den orkis der kan ses på billedet er lavet til en lille dreng der bliver født senere i år, derfor et blåt føl og nogle blå fisk, selvom de ikke findes i den virkelige verden. Det var sjovt at lave føllet, endnu et godt mønster fra Ingas bog. Den ene strimmel orkis er min egen opfindelse, at kalde det for et mønster er måske lige i overkanten.


Liyarra said...

Hi Dantatter,
LOVE the little horse and he fish..and of course all the other things you tat!!
They will look great on the blanket.

Unknown said...

Those are all very cute little boy things. I like all those edgings you tatted! They look great!

Melissa said...

LOL Having just tatted a couple baby gifts it was on my brain! LOL That is so sweet that you get to contribute to the quilt with your tatting! I just love that horse he's cute!

Tattycat said...

Very pretty! I woul dlove to see the quilt when it is finished1

Maureen said...

I'm trying to find the piece that you came up with! It all looks really good, although I can't make up my mind whether the foal is in the sea, or the fish are flying on land! It's a fairytale, they can do whatever they like.......

OmonSan said...

Great work and very pretty! I'm sure it will be much appreciated on the reciever end!

Marty said...

The blue horse and fish are perfect for a boy! Inga Madsen's book must be a good one.

Oh -- by the way, I tagged you
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Gina said...

WAsn't that fun to do? LOL! I once tatted a fabric baby book and used many of the animals from Inga's book. A blue horse is delightful!

:-) Gina

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

Everything looks so nice! Blue is my favorite color, and I think it's perfect for little boys!