14 April 2014

A Variation
My new threads and the second Stawasz book  arrived a couple of weeks ago from Roseground. I really love the new variegated colours and even though I have read a lot of people are having problems with the Lizbeth it seems that I am a lucky tatter because they hardly ever cause me those problems.
I have also studied the Stawasz book quite a bit and unfortunately it looks like there still are errors in their books because the pattern I picked (doily XVII) were missing the number of ds on some chains. I think I have managed on my own figuring something out though.
Most of the book is very large doilies which I will never be able to do, but here and there I see possibilities for choosing smaller parts of them.
I did a variation of the doily because I do not like tatting all those split rings that are in the original pattern. But I thought I would try and duplicate part of the pattern where the split rings were supposed to be. And I have to say it worked very well, no problems at all in this size.
Thread is Scottish Thistle and solid white, both Lizbeths, and it measures 15X15 cm. I really love the variegated purple and green thread.

29 March 2014

Spring Napkin Doily Done
Yes my doily is finally finished. Took a bit longer than expected because I have spent the better part of a week in bed with some sort of cold, flu or whatever. I know it is not the entire doily but the part of it that I wanted to do. It is not the first time I have only done part of a doily (and not the last time either I am sure, lol), all due to me thinking the big ones are too fiddly for my hands.
This measures 23 cm in diameter in Flora size 20. And it really have been a joy tatting this. On the last round I just added picots to make a proper finish in stead of the original round. I have not blocked it yet so it is coming fresh from the shuttle.
Mine is not so colourful like some I have seen online, but I guess I could say this is very true to the doilies I often do. But interesting in deed to see all the different versions.
Also managed to do a few Easter objects for a workmate that was retiring Friday, but it all went so fast in the end that I did not get the chance to take pictures of the 2 eggs and the chicken.
I am awaiting a parcel from Roseground with some more Lizbeth threads and the second Stawasz book. It is always so exciting to await some new stuff chosen from pictures online.

19 March 2014

I too have joined
tatting the Spring Napkin doily by Renulek. It must be a huge tat-along since there are lots of pictures of wip both at Intatters and on Facebook. So I have decided to do mine too, even though from the start I know I will only do some of it because the big doilies are so fiddly to do. And I can see a good place where I can stop, lol.
The thread is Flora size 20 where I use a variegated combined with a white - like I do with most of the doilies I have done in recent years. It just feels good for me to do them this way because I would get a bit bored doing larger doilies in just one colour.
So far no problems, the design is just rings and chains which is the kind I like and do the best.

16 March 2014

A minor disaster
I have been working on this doily almost all week. I was on the last round when I discovered a mistake on a previous round which meant that the last round would not work, so I cut that off at once. Now I am not even sure I want to finish this one because it has been such a pain doing it and then I can also see that it probably wont lie flat without ironing.

While I consider if I will finish this or not I have decided to join the Renulek doily at Intatters. I do not think I will do all the doily but stop at a appropriate place where it will work and it wont be too big for my liking, lol. I also have some Easter ornaments to finish within the next 2 weeks.

09 March 2014

Late Easter but starting early

I have always loved tatting stuff for special occasions like Christmas and Easter. This year Easter is a little late but I have started early with the seasonal tatting. It is a runner so you can actually do it as big as you want, mine measures 12.5X20 cm.
It was published in my latest Guild magazine and it is an easy one to do and quite quickly too. The designer is Kirsten Wind Hansen. The thread is Flora size 20, one of my favourite threads ever to tat with, unfortunately it is not available anymore.
Now I am off to figure out what to do next.

05 March 2014

From a runner to a Square

In my guild magazine from last summer is a runner designed by Anna Maria Hansen in green and yellow.
I intended to try that design  but the yellow center is so fiddly to do that I decided to just do the square in the picture.
It comes directly from the shuttles and I used my new Manuela threads, size 20. It is too soon for me to judge the thread really, but it took some getting adjusted to working with it.
I am not overly happy with this square, my next project is looking more promising.

21 February 2014

Once upon a time .....
Every good fairytale starts this way, but this is not a fairytale but have turned into a UFO - and perhaps almost into a nightmare. I was looking through my blog and stumbled over this doily which I had completely forgotten.
This was a challenge given to me in 2009, yes almost 5 years ago.......
It looks like I have done almost a round since I last posted a picture of it here, so I have not been totally idle or lazy during my blogging break, but it's been more than a year since I last worked on it.
I have no idea when it will get done because I still think it is cumbersome working with stuff larger that 20 cm i diameter. But I hope it wille be finished one day because I do prefer to finish what I have started.
Design by Jan Stawasz and thread is Flora size 20.